About us

Working since 2002 to make the world happy again

Health Vision and Research (HVR) is a national level, not for profit organization registered on 4th February, 2002. HVR was formed by a group of health professionals with the vision to take up Public Health Programmes, Research and Training activities aiming towards services to be rendered to the underprivileged community. Over the period of time, livelihood promotion of the community has become part of our overall development initiative. For bringing better overall changes and more acceptability to the community; healthcare and livelihood promotion have become our joint efforts for achieving a better community.

HVR implements model healthcare and livelihood programmes in different parts of India. HVR envisages itself as a pioneer leadership institute in the country promoting people’s health and livelihood opportunities. HVR also envisages it’s far reaching role in delivering assistance to agencies implementing healthcare and livelihood programmes. It provides support to allied agencies working in Public Health contributing to national & international human development.

Our vision is that each individual in a community of our intervention will be healthy and independent contributing to national and international growth. Our mission is to improve the physical quality of life index through technical support towards healthcare and research implementing agencies contributing to national and international human development. We have a code of dignity which is holistic. Our staffs are our assets; satisfaction of our clients is our goal and people for whom resources are to be sourced are our destiny to reach.

We believe that objective of a development organization can be fulfilled by serving the most vulnerable community. It can be better fulfilled by taking them with us for providing services. It can be nice by knowing how we could make the difference rather than how much we could. To us effectiveness of the programme can be judged little by comparing baseline and endline findings but by calculating residual amount when we are no more. It is many a times more the intangible amount like tears in joy or smile unnoticed of the poor people rather than improvement of their knowledge or skills. Unfortunately we assess many of these numerical indicators as mode of objective assessment of success forgetting voice of the community. Our staffs are our assets, development partners are milestones, but beneficiaries are the destiny to reach.